The origins of Sertranin are dated in 1996 when Francisco Javier Talavera, current CEO and founder, decided to start a small family business dedicated to the transportation of goods by road.Initially, Sertranin S.L started its activities with three tractor trucks with Tautliner type trailer that belonged to an international transportation company.

Overcoming the difficulties of starting a new business, the following year a new logistics base and headquarters were acquired. These facilities were used for goods storage as well as vehicles supply and maintenance. This logistics base was located in Iniesta (Cuenca), characterized by its strategic position thanks to its proximity to Valencia (120 km), Madrid (230 km) and Barcelona (450 km).

Lately in 1998, its manager and founder decided to make a strategic shift by turning the company’s main activities and services to bulk transportation based on a national scope. Due to the entry in this sector, Sertranin S.L experienced a remarkablerise in sales that led to an increase in the vehicle fleet.

The trajectory achieved, joined with the trust of our customers,is a guarantee of our expertise that gives us the impulse to continue working with thefirst day enthusiasm in every project we develop.


Since 2003, Sertranin S.L started its specialization in transportation within the steel sector in order to satisfy the needs of its main clients, a value always present in Sertranin’s identity. By this time the young company already had a fleet of 35 vehicles.
In 2005 the manager took the decision of entering in the scrap transportation market.After several years of operation in this market and currently counting with an important part of the fleet serving scrap transportation, we are able to collaborate in any operation within this sector guaranteeing the succeed of it. Our experience in this sector is guaranteed by the trust of our customers.
Since 2008 Sertranin has managed to specialize in the transport of dangerous goods and non -hazardous waste, both in bulk and pallet or Grgs. The company holds the necessary authorizations of transportation within every autonomous region. Alsoall the drivers hold the required license for dangerous goods, designating an important part of the fleet to this sector.
In 2011, a new subsidiary named Logística Javier TalaveraS.L,was created with the aim of expanding and improving the services, as well as covering all the needs of our supply chain partners.
After the creation of this new company, integrated in the group Sertranin, differentprojects have been carried out. We are carrying out logistic procedures consisting of controlling the complete cycle of the product of some customers, from the collection of raw material for its delivery in factory in continuous cycle 24 hours the 365 days until the delivery of the final product. In this way our customers dedicate all their resources to their core business and we become their own logistics department.


At present, Sertranin group has a large fleet of more than 150 vehicles and more than 180 professionals. The firm also counts witha wide range of logistics services, in order to efficiently serve our clients.

Sertranin has a logistics hub in Iniesta (Cuenca) with 2000m2 covered, available to our customers for any type of storage. The company also has acquired new facilities in Minglanilla, (Cuenca), next to the A-3 Highway, with a logistics center of 1500 m2 and 5000 meters of parking.

The firm has also launched two new business areas. On the one hand, the sale of fuel with a service station that operates 24 hours a day and 365 days. The new service offered to the public is a washing station for cars and trucks.

Additionally, the newest service that we are offering to our customers is the complete management of the lifecycle of their product, starting from the field collection operated with our own equipment and delivering the product within the next 24h in the customer facilities. Once the product is processed, we pick the goods up and deliver it to the final customer. We help our customers in dedicating their resources to their business. We are their own store and logistics department.